Xiaomi’s Mi 8 uses definitively average hardware to showcase its stellar software. While you won’t find any special features or gimmicks in this device, the flagship specs are a great deal at less than $400

The first time I checked out the Xiaomi Mi 8 was back in June of this year. it seemed to offer incredible value, with true flagship specifications at a price half that of competitors. as that point, the mi 8 seemed like a viable alternative to many of the giants in the industry

Now, I’ve the opportunity to use the Mi 8 for about 18 days, and I have some thoughts on the design and software that make up the soul of this device

The Xiaomi Mi 8 looks like an iPhone x, there’s no way around it. from the positioning of the dual cameras to the size of the notch and even the speaker grills, it’s hard to tell the two apart side by side. Multiple phones have been accused of copying Apple over the years, but the Mi 8 is probably the closest resemblance we’ve seen so far. Even the software looks similar, though that’s par for the course on Chinese Android skins


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