LG’s V-series has always been about doing it all. Last year’s LG V30 boasted one of the most feature packed cameras off all time in a mobile device, and the Quad DAC audio solution was a treat for music lovers. this year, LG is taking things for a step further.

While most manufacturers have adopted dual cameras to allow for things like portrait mode and telephoto lens options, LG’s has added 5 cameras total to the v40, allowing for ultra-wide, telephoto, and front-facing portrait options, in addition to the standard set of lenses.


If you enjoyed the look of the LGV30. you’ll feel right at home with the V40 it has the familiar rounded design V-series users have come to know but bumps things up a notch with the huge 6.4-inch display This phone is a big-there’s no getting around that fact, but it’s good option for someone that wants a big phone that isn’t a Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

The V40 has a notch, though it is quite a bit smaller than many other phone notches, despite sporting two different cameras within it. This allows for things like wide-angle selfie and portrait mode using the front shooter, something I’m glad LG is continuing. the phone also intelligently hides the notch when you’re on the home screen, and you can customize that area with different colors and designs, or hide it completely.


The LG V40 sports a display resolution of 3120*1440, set to 2340*1080 by default the screen looks okay, but it definitely isn’t as crisp and punchy as something like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 the V40 packs 538PPI, which strangely doesn’t feel that sharp to me. as a display manufacturer who makes incredible TVs and other panels, I hoped LG would use its best of the best, but that still doesn’t seem to be the case.


Like most other flagship devices in 2018, performance on the V40 was generally solid. I saw few hiccups here and there fairly randomly. but they were just small stutters. Apps launched very quickly and multitasking was a breeze. You shouldn’t have any trouble keeping up with your everyday tasks on the V40


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