At its core, the HTC U12 plus is a solid high-end smartphone. It’s fast and powerful, has a great screen, impressive camera, and HTC is actually trying to innovate with Edge Sense. if you’re an HTC fan, you’ll love the U12 plus.

The problem is, this phone doesn’t surpass the competition in any one area. And of the things that theU12 plus gets right, its competition also gets those things right. There’s just no standout reason to buy this phone over the pixel 2 XL, Galaxy s9 plus, or even LG’S G7 ThinQ.

This is a good phone marred by a lackluster software experience, terrible buttons, and price tag that’s too high. if you can get past those things, buy it. I don’t think you’ll regret it. For most people though, I’d say it’s to pass on the U12 plus

The HTC U11 surprised us last year with its superb camera and snappy software, and the HTC U12 plus continues that trend.

The company’s new 2018 flagship offers a near complete package likely to impress HTC enthusiasts and skeptics alike, but I don’t know if I can actually recommend this phone to many people.


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